Pique-nique in English


Wednesday 30 décember – 12:30 @Muse Genève

« Meet and Eat » is back this wednesday !

Come and practice your presentation in English !

This lunchtime conversation group is for those who want to be able to talk comfortably in a safe and fun environment in English.

Organised by Lynn Higgins and Rocio Bohorquez, entreprenors and coworkers at la Muse.

Program :

The picnic starts at around 12pm.
Come along bring some lunch, which you eat throughout the meet!

We start with a quick introduction of everyone, then breaking into two or three.
This is the moment to practice what you really need. Presenting your new idea, job, project, studies or even your retirement plans!
Everyone is encouraged to use this time to practice their small presentation. We pass around, helping with vocabulary , pronunciation and general support.

After this, each person is invited to present as we go round the group.

We finish with a small interactive informative lesson. Such as etiquette, new vocabulary or a game.

Finishing with tea and our famous cup cakes!

Hope to see you there!

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