8 spiritueux et vins haut de gamme à gagner d’une valeur totale de 450 CHF


FiGee Fine Goods, importateur et distributeur officiel suisse de spiritueux et vins haut de gamme du monde entier, met en jeu au Loto des Entrepreneurs 8 lots exceptionnels

  • 1 Chapter 7 – Irish Single Malt : valeur 128 CHF
  • 1 Miami Club Rum : valeur 69 CHF
  • 1 La Quintiyne Vermouth Royal Rouge : valeur 29 CHF
  • 1 La Quintiyne Vermouth Royal Blanc : valeur 29 CHF
  • 1 VL92 XY Gin 500ml : valeur 48 CHFfigee
  • 1 Gilpin’s Gin 500 ml : valeur 72 CHF
  • 1 Pares Balta Gift Box avec 1 Cava Brut et 1 Cosmic White Wine : valeur 29.80 CHF
  • 1 Grand Khaan Premium Vodka : valeur 49 CHF

valeur totale :  450  CHF

A propos de FiGee Fine Goods

We specialize in artisanal, exclusive, limited edition, rarities and independent bottlers. FiGee Fine Goods was born of our love of quality and fine products, and our quest to bring them together and share them with you.Take your taste buds on a journey with our exclusive selection of small-batch, artisan-crafted spirits – the way spirits should taste! Enjoy them straight, mixed or in a refreshing cocktail. Our passion selects the best the world has to offer – go ahead and spoil yourself! However, please drink responsibly. We offer our selection to private clients, gastronomy, distributors and re-sellers. Contact us for more information regarding a professional account.fwdlogodefigee

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